What Every Cameroonian Mother-of-the-Bride Should Do.


Having grown in Cameroon, i have seen many freinds and relatives get married and i have watched mothers, who either were so excited that, they made their child’s wedding their personnal affair, or simply played a a rather dormant role, allowing their daughter do everything for herself. The Cameroonian society automatically expects the mother-of-the-bride to fullfill certain duties. It may vary more specifically, depending on the tribe, but these are some general points:

Shopping Support:

Mothers have the life experience that their daughters need in this crucial time, as far as shopping is concerned. Being adviced about where and how she can get the necessary items especially the “wedding dress”, is an aspect that many brides appreciate greatly. If mum is far away, why not exchange shopping ideas over the phone or emails?

Being Reminded of traditions:

Typically, the mom is in charge of enlightening her daughter about the expectations during the traditional wedding, as well as other traditional expectations she (daughter) would have to meet during the entire wedding ceremony/period.

Assistant wedding planner

Also, Mom should be the first wedding planning assistant the bride has (especially if she hasn’t hired any). She should handle the vendors ( caterers, entertainners, wedding venue, etc…), and be the general wedding overseer, wether, it’s the traditional, court or church wedding.

Playing Hosts:

The mother-of-the-bride is the official hostess during the traditional wedding. It is at the bride’s family house that the groom and his family are welcomed. Thus, the mother-of-the bride has the great responsibility of receiving her guest “well”. The traditional wedding which is the initial stage of marriage is the first contact between both families, an important event that honors both families.