The Dream Wedding at Minimum Cost. How?



The wedding of your dreams and your budget seem to be in conflict. Sticking to the planned budget is harder than you thought, especially when we consider the three phases of a classic Cameroonian marriage. Check out these 05 tips that should enable you get your dream wedding at minimum cost.


BE REALISTIC:  Do not forget that the most important part of getting married to the partner you love is having it witnessed by the people that matter most to you both.  A huge wedding in an overpopulated banquette hall should not be the point of focus.


GO FOR ONE WEDDING AT A TIME: Instead of doing the traditional wedding, court wedding and white wedding on three different days, you could go for one wedding at a time; perhaps a traditional wedding coupled with the signing of the marriage certificate first. It is possible to invite the mayor to your residence for the signing of the marriage certificate after the traditional marriage rites have been carried out. The nuptial blessings in church can then be done later without need for a huge budget to accommodate invitees a second time.


HAVE A SELF MADE TEAM: Members of your household and friends can make up this team. This team is supposed to play a vital role in organising the wedding. Assign a role to each person and simply expect reports. Don’t try controlling everything. You will get stressed unnecessarily. This tip will help you reduce the cost of a wedding planner.


CHOOSE AN AFFORDABLE LOCATION: A decent location can always be decorated to meet a preferred theme. Consider your favourite restaurant; you will not need to pay for extra decoration or rent tables and chairs. Also the home of a relative or friend could be a good idea.


AVOID SAYING THE WORD “WEDDING”: You should make it a goal to do your purchases without necessarily mentioning that it is meant for a wedding, except for the obvious of course. It is no secret that many vendors turn to inflate their prices when they hear the name of the event.