How To Grow Your Wedding Business In Cameroon


The Cameroon Wedding Industry which was once very timid in growth now sees a gleam of light showing at the end of the tunnel. Being made up of mostly start- ups, and pasionate entrepreneurs with small scale businesses, this sector sees a bright future ahead. The statistics of the past two years are very encouraging. In the main towns of Douala, Yaoundé and Buea alone, there is an average of 10 weddings per week, per town between the months of September and December. This does not leave the rest of the months of the year unoccupied. In Douala alone, between the months of Janaury and April, There was an average of 7 marriages per day.

Not only are more people getting married, but expectations of couples on their wedding day has soared too. With 3G/4G internet connection at the fingertips of everyone, people are getting inspiration from other weddings within and without the country.  As such, entrepreneurs in the wedding business have seen a dire need to reinvent their products and services to match increased expectations. Furthermore, the increase in demand for wedding planning  experts has also seen a rise in number of businesses to fulfill those needs. As such, competition is another aspect that entrepreneurs in the wedding business have to deal with. In this article we explore 6 key Points that will help your grow your business and stand out as leader among your competitors.

1. Know Your Target Market:

What type of client is your dream client? Market to them. Think about who you are comfortable around, it should be similar to your friends and where you socialize. What inspires you and is already in your life now?  That is where you will find your target market. You have to be true to you.  Do not try to be something you are not, and couldn’t possibly be. What skills do you have that will set you apart from the crowd? Who are those that will readily agree with your vision based on their social status, financial status, or educational background. Be sure to identify your target clients before you even launch your business.

 2. Invest in Your Company and Your Brand:

Create a Brand. I repeat create a Brand. This is important because, a brand is the best way of giving your business a personality. Make a reputation and build your brand on it. Hire professional companies to build your website, create your business cards, design your logo. Make sure your company name matches your website and email address.

Meet up with professionals in your related field and learn from their experience. Use associations such as ex-student associations, church associations, work groups, to communicate what you do. Do not just sit and expect clients to come banging. Go out there  and attend forums during which you can  have the opportunity to create and make contact with potential customers.

3.Create a Visual Portfolio

The wedding business depends a lot on visuals. No matter how convincing your try to be with many words, many couples will hire you in a bit if they see visual proof of your work. For starters, it is advised to make a gallery of every wedding you work on –Pictures & Videos If at the start of your business you need to stress a lot to get clients adhere to your vision and abilities, with time, your portfolio will speak for you and the stress will be greatly reduced.

4. Get You Business Online

There are online platforms that enable you to create a strong contact with wedding communities and create a following.  Social media is also another effective way of communicating. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are helpful ways of communicating to your audience. But better still, will be a solution that enables you to communicate with key persons within your community. It is important to target your key clients as much as possible. For example, Tikay’s Bridal is a Cameroon Wedding Business platform that you should exploit. It puts you in contact with cameroonians looking for weddding vendors for their weddings. Simply create an acccount by logging in with social media and uploading a gallery, as well as your business details for wedding followers to get in contact with you.

5. Great Customer Service:

Think about what it is that makes you return to your favourite store or restaurant . 9 times out of 10 it is for the customer service. How does the company make you feel? Pretty special I’m sure.  They might aknowledge you as a returning client with a warm welcome, handshake, smile, send you personal invitations for in-store sales or an invite for a new product launch or end of year party, give you something free on your bill like an aperitif or dessert. Whatever it is, it makes you feel appreciated. Apply the same concept in your business. Make each client feel special. It is known in the wedding business that a satisfied client will bring five more clients your way.

6. Never Put a Limit on Learning

 You can never stop learning. Ever. The trends will keep changing. Today this is what clients will want, tomorrow that very same thing will not be appreciated anymore. Something new will take it’s place. If you feel you lack a certain skill in your business dealings, or need to learn more about a product, then get on it. No one is perfect, and no one can possibly know everything there is to know.  Just when you think you are safe, something new comes along and shakes up the world’s way of thinking.  

It takes a lot of time and effort for any business to keep moving, and a wedding business is not different. Standing out from the crowd takes dedication and passion. Do not let little waves shake you out of position.Put yourself in order, identify your mistakes and find corrective measures for them. The importance is making sure that every little step taken leads forward. Continuous improvement should be the goal. Rejoice with every step forward and DON’T give up on your passion.

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