5 Things Every Bride’s Mum Should Know


The Bride will certainly discuss with her mum, but there are a number of things the mum should know that her daughter expects from her. The bride may not always be very expressive about them.  So here we spell it out for you.

1. It’s Her Wedding Not Yours!

I know you are very excited that your little girl is going to take that big adult step. You probably even dreamt about how perfect your little angel’s big day will be. Just be careful not to turn your excitement into her nightmare. It’s still her wedding not yours. So she gets to make the final decisions. Don’t grudge her for taking a decision that you don’t agree with, on her own wedding day. Just be supportive of her decisions and help her however you can.

2. She wants you to get along with the Groom’s Parents.

She will feel happy and joyed if she saw both of you get along and exchange jokes. It’s not about both of you becoming best freinds. Just minimum effort to try getting to know each other. Afterall your children are getting married and both family will be united pretty soon. so it could be good to say, invite the groom’s parents over for lunch or use other ways of getting better acquainted with your future in-laws.

3. You can’t invite all your freinds to the wedding.

We know all those Cameroonian mamas that belong to more than enough social meetings, not counting, the choir groups and other church meetings, as well as the professional ones. Just because you belong to so many social gatherings does not mean that you can invite everyone to the wedding.

4. Don’t go sending out verbal invites without the Bride’s Approval.

I understand the joy and excitement there is when your daughter get engaged. Just be careful not to verbally invite people who may end up not receiving an invitation card after all wedding plans have been put in place.

5. Be clear about how you will help.

It is very important that this be clearly spelled out. Do not assume that the bride knows that you intend to seat back and relax, when she is counting on you to carry out some chores. Be realistic about how you will assist, both financially and materialy.

So Mummy, while you are excited about your baby girl’s wedding, Please do consider the points above. d.