09 Things To Do After Your Engagement



Share  The Good News With Family and Friends
This is probably one of the most exciting moments of your lives. you two just got engaged. Sharing it with your family will be great too. Why not figure out an exciting way of breaking out the news rather than tell it out straight. Who does not love to pleasant surprises?! 

Plan an Engagement Party

In Cameroon, the engagement party – known as the knock door, is an event that unites both families as well as friends  together. This is the phase when the future groom makes his intentions known to both the families of the bride and the groom. and the Bride has to officially accept the proposal of her suitor. 

Choose  The Wedding Date

Choosing the wedding date can be more drama than one will think. the couple has to consider in which season they would love to marry, the availability of guests they intend to invite, their personal schedules especially if they both have very tight professional schedules, as well as other factors. But do not be anxious, take your time and you will arrive at the perfect date.

Determine a budget

How much can you afford to spend on your wedding? What is your dream wedding? Can your budget cover it? What can stay and what must go? You must carefully consider these questions

Put  Together The Guest List

Many decisions go into putting together the guest list: how many guests does your budget permit? Who do you invite? Who don’t you invite? Do you invite colleagues from work or just close family and friends? Do you want an intimate wedding or a traditional wedding with hundreds of guests?

Choose  The Place Where The Ceremony is Going To Be Held

The place where the wedding ceremony is going to be held should be in agreement with the guest list, as well as the venue for the reception. You cannot plan to wed in a small chapel when you expect more that 300 guests.

Choose  The Venue For The Reception

The venue of the reception is a very sensitive factor when planning the wedding. Many venues are booked a year in advance. Therefore if you already have an idea of the venue want in mind, do not hesitate to make arrangements for booking.

Decide  If You’re Going to Hire a Wedding Planner

Idealizing, organizing and coordinating a wedding can be a full time job and stressful at times. Therefore if you are not sure of having the help you need from close friends and relatives, consider hiring a wedding planner who will navigate all the pre-wedding organization like a pro. The result? Less hassles and unnecessary worrying for the bride and groom. 

Choose The Wedding Dress

The wedding dress is one of the star pieces of the big day and requires a lot of idealizing and research, preferably in advanced, so you have time to check out all your options before making a decision. You don’t have to buy the dress immediately after the wedding proposal, but it is a good idea to start window shopping, magazine and online browsing… so the dream can start to become reality…