How to start a wedding business In Cameroon

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The Wedding Business in Cameroon has taken a high turn in recent years. We count a large number of cameroonian business men and women who have decided to make a living off the wedding industry. It is essential to note that in Douala alone, a research carried out revealed that,  after considering all 5 major councils, each of them celebrate an average of 40 weddings per month. This is a whooping 450 weddings celebrated every month! And this is huge a source of income for those in the wedding industry.

It is no wonder that some business women and men have decided to make a juicy income stream from this source. There are several services that can be offered in the wedding industry. This includes: wedding photography, wedding catering, wedding cake designing, wedding planning, wedding decoration, wedding fashion designing, stationary Designing, etc… And the list goes on.

Have you been thinking of making a particular wedding service your major source of income, but you have no idea how start in Cameroon? The points below will enable you to start up as a wedding business owner.

  • Decide clearly what service you will offer your clients and make sure you are good at what you do.

The Wedding Business in Cameroon is close knit industry where networking is the key to success. Once you start with your first client, it is the quality of your job that will make you have more recommendations. If you choose to be a bridal makeup artist, make sure your are professional in your work and know exactly what to do. Take classes, work with a professional. Learn. Make it your objectif to offer your clients the best experience.

  • Choose your Target Market wisely.

In the Cameroon wedding business, as with other businesses, a target market must be defined. Several factors would affect how you choose your target market. These would include but is not limited to: income level, Social strata, Location, etc… Be clear about the criteria of clients you are willing to serve and will concentrate on. 

  • Market a Brand, not just your services.

Now, you know exactly how to serve your clients  and you are a professional at what you do. How do you make them know what a professional you are? It is important to note that, like all good things in life, building a successful wedding business In Cameroon will take time. The first step is to create a logo that represents your business well. Second step is to get on social media. Thank God for Social media! It is a very effective way of making your business go national and international, without spending as much. The key with social media is sharing attractive pictures and videos of what you do. And finally, never underestimate the power of direct contact marketing in the wedding business. This is one of the best forms of marketing. It is so good that, giants like MTN Cameroon still send their agents to your doorstep to propose their services to you. Attend meetings with friends and share your business cards at social gatherings. Attend trade fairs and exchange contacts with potential clients. Do not let an opportunity to share your contact with a potential client pass you by.

  • Be Consistent with your work

Consistency is the key to any successful business. And a wedding business needs it even more. Once you decide to focus on having engaged couples as your clients, you better serve them right. When you do a good job, your clients are your first publicists. If you don’t, their bad reviews can destroy your business. So, make effort to consistently dish out the best services to your clients. Train yourself, keep learning the new tricks, make sure to keep being in the know of the new inventions in the industry.

  • Love what you do

The wedding business can be a very tough field to explore. You need to love doing what you do. Your Love and determination is what will make you push through every wall that stands on your way. Be ready for the criticisms in the beginning. Be ready for the confusion(there are times when you will wonder if you are cut out for this business). Be ready to face clients who have no idea what they want and will blame you for it. (yeah, true talk) but also be ready for the moment of intense satisfaction you will derive when a client will look you in the eye and sincerely say “thank you”.

In all, the wedding business In Cameroon is a field you will find delight in exploring.  Cameroonian couples are willing to pay for top notch services.  Once they know you can deliver,  you are hot cake.  The key is PATIENCE at the beginning.  Take every step with patience and passion.  Before you realize it,  you would have established a lucrative business. 😉

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