Wedding favors your invitees will be delighted to have!

wedding favors

Giving gifts to your invitees is a beautiful way of appreciating their love and support as you celebrate your love story. It is also an opportunity to make them remember your event in a special way. Surely, you will want to give them personalized gifts that actually serve them well. In Cameroon, most couples, tend to plan their wedding during the dry season, to avoid the unpredictable weather of the wet rainy season. Here we did a compilation of gift ideas you could use.

  • Sunshades

Tikays BridalIf it’s the heart of the dry season, it’s a perfect gift to your invitees. Everyone will appreciate a solution to shield their eyes from the blazing sun.

  • Water bottles

The main problem of constant need to refresh oneself is partly solved.

  • Customized Lip balm

Customized lip balm will definitely play a soothing role during the dry hammattan season that could have a drying effect on the lips.

  • Handkerchief to wipe sweat off

Who wouldn’t appreciate a beautiful handkerchief?

  • Customized Umbrella


 Rainy season or dry season, umbrella will be a much appreciated gift.

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