Mr & Mrs Tabot-Mbi (T&T) Love Story


I can’t really place my fingers on when we first met, because we had been colleagues far back in 2013. Also, he was the assistant music coordinator of PECA (Presbyterian English Choirs Association) Buea zone, so our paths were meant to cross. Fast forward to 2016, Rallies were approaching, I remember there was this day a colleague in school was showering praises on the Music Director of their choir (Jordan English Choir). I was overwhelmed by these praises and just wanted to meet him. A few minutes later, he walked into the staff room and didn’t even look in my direction. Few weeks later we had a joint choir rehearsal session for our rally set piece to be introduced.  I was dressed in a mini kaba (hahaha). This brother kept stirring. I thought I was singing the wrong notes, but why won’t he just correct me instead. At a point I thought I was poorly dressed but how can a kaba ever go wrong (hahhahah).
Later that evening, there was a heated argument in the PECA forum and this brother was struggling to defend himself. So I slipped into his DM and asked him to ignore. Then we got talking.

He came to drop invitations for my choir and saw me struggling to teach a song. I begged him to help and he reluctantly did. I went back home and sent a “thank you” message to him and before I knew it we had spoken for a whole day nonstop (hahahahahha). It was always fun talking to him; he has this amazing sense of humor. We had similar likes and dislikes so it was very easy for him to fit into my circle of friends and vice versa. Our friendship bond grew stronger each day. We lived in different towns so we talked mostly on phone. He invited me severally, but visiting guys wasn’t my thing, so I always had an excuse to give. Little did I know he was already nursing feelings.  Few months later, I had to be dedicated into the association. On the day of the dedication, my name was read as Tambong Tabot instead of Tambong Ako. I got so mad, how could they have made that kind of mistake. Another brother in the choir whispered in my ears “It’s not a mistake but a prophecy”. I never could have thought I was going to be called Tambong Tabot 15months from that day.

A week after the dedication ceremony, I finally decided to visit this brother, so I could have my peace. That was the beginning of our never ending love story. When I got to his house, I felt some kind of warmth, I felt peace, I felt like I was home, you know….. The visit was short. We cooked eru, ate, sang and then I left.  Later on, he revealed to me that he had started nursing feelings. I got confused, tried to give distance but it didn’t work. Then I knew I was in love. I narrated the story to a sister. Coincidentally, his birthday was fast approaching, so she came up with this amazing birthday surprise that blew his mind away. That was my own way of saying, ok let’s do this.  He always talked about marriage from day one but I didn’t take it seriously until he introduced me to his Pastor. Then I knew he meant business. Everything happened so fast. I was one of those people who believed you needed to date a guy for years before even thinking of marriage. But here was I discussing marriage few weeks into a relationship. We got engaged 9months later and got married 6months after the engagement.  Here we are today celebrating our first anniversary. It’s been an amazing 365 days. It’s been the best days of my life. I couldn’t have wished for better. I pray God continues to bless our Union.