Tips for getting a wedding-night-suitable lingerie.



Decades ago, for any african couple, the wedding night was a special one. A night when a couple discovered each other intimately. Many wedding traditions in africa and in Cameroon in particular, have always given the wedding night in a couple it’s place, which is special. Today nothing has changed, the wedding night remains a special night for the wedded couple.

It is true that, the uniqueness attributed to the wedding night could have stemmed from the fact that, in traditional society, it was on this night that a couple discovered each other intimately. It will be difficult to swear same for couples today for whom the tendencies have changed. Many couples share and experience a satisfying intimate life before tying the knot. Nevertheless, this does not rob the wedding night of its uniqueness.

So comes the big question: What will you wear for your wedding night?

Even as i’d love to give a straight answer to that question, i can’t. For the simple reason that only you can know exactly what your man wants, and is attracted to.

But for the general guidelines i’d say you should stick to these:

  • Get underwear that you are comfortable and confident in. Do not let your imagination go too wild and get underwear that you won’t feel comfy in. One thing i know is, every man is attracted to a woman who is confident about herself and everything she wears. Feel sexy, and he’ll find you sexy.
  • Concentrate on your body, not the lingerie. The wedding day, happy day for you that it is, could be a serious source of stress too. Be sure to de-stress yourself first: take a shower, redo your hair, wear light make-up, anything to get you looking fresh and excited for your husband. I think every man will agree that a stressed up facial expression no matter the lingerie you are wearing would probably never turn them on.
  • Don’t over plan it. When you over plan it, you may overdo it and thus ruin it. Let the love you both feel flow. A well decorated room is a good idea, but don’t let lack of decoration as earlier planned spoil it.  It’s really about you and your love, not about the surrounding. I remember my aunt said the best intimacies she shared with her husband were nowhere near the four walls of their matrimonial room, Just imagine

I wish you enjoy your honeymoon and that these points helped a great deal. Don’t forget to share your experience with us. We’d love to hear from you.

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