Before embarking on your romantic journey, there are essential questions you need to consider. They are important if you plan to have a good time. Check out these essential questions you must look into.


–          When Do You Intend To Take Time Off For Your Honeymoon?

It could be immediately after the wedding, it could be two weeks later or months later. That depends on your schedule. But make sure you plan your takeoff date way ahead of time. Many a time couples have talked of having a honeymoon that they finally never had. Fixe a date and take all steps in making that date a reality. If you are working, make your boss know about your decision way ahead of time, so you don’t get a refusal at the last minute.

–          How Long Will You Spend?

This is an essential question especially for couples who have a tight professional schedule. This point should prove essential when planning the budget. In any case knowing how much time you will spend makes you plan activities ahead of time.

–          What Is Your Budget?

A honeymoon is the sweetest thing for the newlyweds, the event that explores the very height of your love for each other. Why spoil it when an unforeseen dilemma of money shortage.  The budget should be clearly spelled out.  It should be the very basis on which we choose where and how we spend our vacation. So try hard not to make money deficiency a surprise while you are on it.

–          Where Do You Want To Spend Your Honeymoon

This question can have a wide array of answers. Of course you need to choose from the unlimited options you may have before you. Do you want a quite place with exposure to nature, or do you want to wake up with a sea view and beach breeze blowing your hair away while you have breakfast on your balcony, or would you want to change from the quite life and spend your honey honeymoon in a luxurious hotel in the heart of town with many planned activities in mind. It is yours to choose?

–          What Will I Take Along?

What should be packed up for the journey is a very important point that contributes to the success of the honeymoon. No one hopes to plan on spending long hours on the beach only to get onsite and realise we forgot that chic beach wear that we planned on wearing to pleasantly surprise our spouse or worst still forget  that sexy little undergarment we planned on wearing to steam up the first honeymoon night together.  Therefore, if possible write a precise list of all the things you can imagine you will need at the honeymoon.  Even if it is a pin, write down the word “pin” on your list. At least two nights before you decide to take off, use this list you have written down and for every item you put in your bag, tick it off on your list as you throw it in your bag. I insist on two nights before the travel date because the night before is usually filled with the excitement of the journey being looked forward to.

–          Have You Planned Any Activities?

Having a schedule of planned activities is very important to ensure that you spend a splendid honeymoon. Read about the town in which you intend to spend your honeymoon, check if the hotel you intend booking has special offers for couples on a honeymoon, check out if activities that interest you and your spouse can be carried out where you intend going.  Before embarking on your honeymoon, draw out a clear schedule on activities you intend to do on a daily basis for the period of time you will be spending your honeymoon. Agreeing before hand on activities you two will carry out together prepares you two better and reduces the chances of future disagreements during the honeymoon.