S3xy Honeymoon Resorts You Never Knew Existed In Cameroon.


1. San Marco

San Marco, is a resort that is located 6 km before  the main town of Kribi. It offers a splendid paradisiac  sorrounding with the  absolute calm and serenity that every couple needs to contemplate their romantic getaway. It is the perfect place for the romantic honeymoon of your dreams.


2. The Bana Valley, – West Region

Located at about 10km from the main Bafang town, the Bana Hills Mountain Resort offers a splendid multicultural environment with a touch of luxury and refinement. As a couple, you have the opportunity to enjoy the luxurious modern facilities, as well as the satisfaction of a fresh natural environment that permits you to get carried away by joy that only nature can offer.


3. Bota Beach House


The Bota Beach house property is set on a 4000Sqm private peninsular with spectacular views of the Ocean and Scattered Islands. The drama is enhanced by impressive views of Mount Cameroon to the rear. The Beach house is a Contemporary Mediterranean Style Villa with several outer buildings; located in the heart of the picturesque Village of Botaland.