Ladies! Five Valentine Day Scenarios Decoded For You. [Must Read!!]


Romance is a very important part of our Lives. So it’s only normal That we  maximize this holliday set aside to enjoy LOVE with our spouse. For different couples, situations and conditions differ. Here we picked out 5 possible scenarios for different couples and figured out a way to make the day special.

After – work Scenario

It’s valentine’s day, and after a tired day at work, the last thing you both want to do is go out. So how do you still make a day out of the celebration ? Transform the night into a night-for-two evening. Play your favorite music, drink your favourite drinks discuss about the things you both love and make love.

He Forgot Again!

It’s Valentine’s day, But somehow your spouse forgot « the short memory of men with regard to such events is legendary ». You play along with his forgetful memory and organise a surprise intiimate party at a favorable time for both of you ! Of course sex would be part of that party and he would love it !

We’re far from each other!

It’s Valentine’s day, and your spouse works in a differnt town away from you. Well, in this case you could content yourself with skype and you two would spend quality time telling each other dovey words over your computer. Or on the other hand, decide to pay him a surprise visit. Of course with a romantic plan in mind.

We have the Day to ourselves!

 It’ valentine’s day and you both have the whole day to yourselves. This  may seem appealing at first, until you realize you had no plan and the day may turn into any boring stay at home day. So if you are sure that you and you spouse will have the day off, plan ahead for activities. You can visit the beach and take cute swim shot, enjoy some very tasty seafood at your choice, take a turn at your favorite cabaret, then you can finalize with a terrific romantic night together.

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