Inspiring Valentine’s Day ideas you Should explore !


Romance is all about sharing special moment with the one you love. Someone once said hapiness comes from loving someone one and doing everything to make that person happy. Even if you have no idea what your spouse has in plan for you, here are inspiring ideas you can look into to make your valentine’s day magical.

Make a Selfie Collection

Considering how common smartphone are these dayz everyone is taking pics of themselves and their spouse every now and then. Make a compilation of romantic pictures of you both of you (i mean the selfies which show how you two smuggle each other lool) and make a little photo album out of it.

Play a Sexy Game

Write on different pieces of paper diffrent parts of the body where a kiss will be placed (for example : kiss on the lips, Kiss on the cheek, kiss on the palm.. etc..). Twist the different papers and put them together in a little bag. Then take turns in chossing pieces of paper arbitarily. Then kiss each other whereever the paper says you should.

Pour out your feelings in a Poem

Write a poem intitled « 10 things i love about you » and frame it. Then let your spouse discover it on the bedside on valentine’s morning. Writing This poem will enable you to concentrate on you spouse’s strengths and re-awaken the deep feelings you once felt when first fell in love. And of course they will love it !

Get Creative!

Invite your spouse to a cabaret that He/she loves. And surprise them by singing a love song that they love to them live infront of the public. It does not matter if you are a good singer or not. I know many people who will never forget this kind of gesture of love.

Cook for your lady

Cook for your wife. Many cameroonian don’t know how to cook and those who do prefer to leave the cooking to their wives. Imagine the pleasant surprise when she gets home and finds candle light dinner waiting for her with a meal prepare by he –kitchen lazy husband. Trust me when i say her face will be all smiles.

Plan a surprise dinner

Give your spouse a surprise RDV. Show up at his office during lunch dresses all sharp and inviting, just the way he likes it. Take him to an intimate spot for lunch and make him know you have something special waiting for him at home.

Hope these ideas make you get even more creative and helps you spend a splendid valentine’s day with your spouse. Happy Valentine’s day!!

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