04 Reasons why you will love getting married on valentine’s day


All over the world, Valentine’s day is set aside for the special celebration of love between romantic couples. Who doesn’t dream of a romance filled wedding day. What better idea then to celebrate a romance filled wedding on Valentine’s day. Here’s 03 Reasons why You should consider the 14th of February as a wedding date.

  1. It sets the mood for a romance filled wedding – for those romantics


2. You can invite all your friends , single or married to enjoy a romantic setting as they celebrate your love story with you.

Everybody wants to celebrate love on valentine’s day, and you wedding would be a perfect opportunity to do so, especially for your single friends.

3. You never know who you might inspire. Some couples may get the extra romantic urge after witnessing ur love story to take the extra step .

4. Your wedding anniversary would automatically have a romantic theme.

Everywhere you go on valentine’s day is always filled with the love theme. On the streets, in shops on tv, on radio, everywhere.

So Don’t hesitate to consider Valentine’s day as a possible wedding date!!

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