Questions to Ask Yourself Before Meeting a Wedding Decorator.

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Congratulations on yout engagement! You are excited and can’t wait to marry your soulmate. Then there is the wedding planning. It will involve a lot of aspects. One of which is your wedding decoration. You know how you want to feel when you see your wedding decor. But you are not quite sure of what it will take to have that classy, over the top, royal wedding decor, that confirms your feeling of a Queen finally marrying her King.

Many clients come to us, with a definite idea of how they want to feel on their wedding day, once they step into the wedding reception. Like many cameroonian couples, they want to feel special, and celebrated in an environment that matches their ideals, reflects their personality and honors their ego. 

Yet, once we start asking typical questions that should enable us find a practical way to fulfill their fantasy, we (both the client and I) realise that, no practical view was given to the thought by the client.

So, we have here, a list of questions you need to answer before we meet. These questions will enable every couple to decide better on their options for their wedding decor, and will enable the wedding decorator to better serve your needs.

The Wedding Date.

I know you will say, “obviously, this is important”. But there are still clients who contact us asking questions, without having even a tentative date on their mind. What if after all the discussion, you end up choosing a decorator who is already booked on the date you finally choose. As a wedding decorator, the first thing i ask any client is their wedding date. If am not available, we safe time and let the client find some other decorator.

The Venue

The venue is the starting point of your event. It is only once you have an idea of the kind of venue you will have your wedding reception at, that you can let your imagination go wild with thoughts of the kind of wedding decor you want. Then again, it may be difficult to find the kind of venue you need, on your own. A wedding decorator could readily recommend some wedding venues to you. So the key here, is to at least, have an idea of what you are looking for. That way, once a recommendation comes your way, you can easily recognize what you want. Also, wedding decorators charge based on the venue where the wedding reception will take place. Some venues depending on their location, need more work and more materials than others. As a rule, figure out your venue first, then contact your decorator. But then again like I said before, if you are finding it difficult to find a venue, your decorator could recommend you some venues.

Your Decor Budget

Like I always tell my clients, when preparing your budget list, it is safe to note that your decoration budget may most possibly be the highest on your budget list. The wedding reception decor is the very heart and centre of every Cameroonian wedding. Most cameroonian couples agree that if your wedding decor fails, it feels like your whole wedding plan failed. While it is ok to fantasize about how majestic and royal you want your wedding reception decor to feel, it will also be great, if you can realistically set a budget that can meet up with the details that will give such a magnificient result. We understand you may not know every exact detail. But it is important to do some background check first, once you identify the kind of decor you want. When you start discussing with a wedding decorator, you won’t be completely shocked when more light is shed on expenses to be incurred to meet up with your fantasy.

Guest Count.

This is a very important factor for a wedding decorator. In my experience, it is alarming, that many cameroonian couples think they can initially  discuss inviting 200 guests to their wedding reception. Only to call you 2 weeks before the due date, to tell you they will have 250 guests instead. And they are surprised when you charge them additional fees (je wanda). Know that guests count is a very important factor that determines decoration costs. More guests means more materials to be used and more work to be done. A tip I always give my clients is, If you formally invite 200 people. Then plan for 250 people. In Cameroon, not all guests at a wedding have been invited formally. There is always that one gate scratcher somewhere. Be it from family or friends, hardly do we have family events such as wedding, where you don’t end up having more people attending, than you initially invited. So wise up.

Wedding Colors

Obviously, wedding decorators will work with the colors that the couple wants. Couples should be as specific as possible when choosing the shade of colors they want. If possibles, go as far as sharing a picture of the color shade you are refering to. So your decorator is clear on exactly what shade you expect. For example you could go for grey and pink. Be precise. What shade of grey exactly do you want. And what shade of pink would you expect.

Wedding Theme

I want to make this clear. Wedding colors is different from wedding theme. My cameroonian people, you hear? Or I repeat? Lemme make this example. You can choose the colors green and white. With the colors green and white, we can decorate with the theme “enchanted forest” or the theme “Royalty” or the theme ” apple world” or the theme ” Romance” and you name it. Themes are the actual object of the wedding decor. The colors blend in the theme of the wedding.  Many couples when asked what the theme of their wedding is, just go ahead and name the colors. I hope you now understand the difference.


This is a very important aspect of your decoration. Lighting is the key to all those beautiful pictures you browse through on instagram, pinterest, and facebook. The right lighting will give the hall the right mood and give the right kind of vibe to your wedding. And NO. IT IS NOT CHEAP! So when you dream of a beautiful wedding reception that is, all royal and  glamorous, remember that lighting is the key to that view. So do not play shocked when the bills land. 🙄

So there! Those questions, when answered will ease communication between yourself and your wedding decorator. Your needs will be better served if they are understood. And If you understand your needs better, you can clearly communicate what you want.