About Us

  Wedding decoration, and wedding planning projects should be given to trusted professionals. Tikay’s  Bridal Cameroon  is here  to accompany you in your wedding preparation by providing the best:

  • Wedding Planning services
  • Wedding decoration services

Also, Tikay’s  Bridal Magazine’s editorial line up provides up to date information for couples planning their wedding. This includes finding that special gown you are searching for, discovering unique wedding decoration inspiration, discovering unique honeymoon ideas or getting expert advice on marriage and relationships.

This is the first ever magazine in Cameroon to support you in your excitement and make your big day, the happiest day in your life.

Fabulous Wedding decoration is key to a beautiful wedding. Your wedding decoration gives clues to your taste,  style and personality as a couple.  It is the opportunity for you to showcase your style in grandeur. 

Cameroonian couples also see their wedding decoration as an opportunity to showcase their rich culture and have their guests enjoy every bit of it. 

Tikay’s Bridal Cameroon understands the uniqueness of each couple and listens carefully to their Wedding decoration needs. We create, We design,  and We deliver,  all while we listen attentively to your expectations.

Trust Tikay’s Bridal today and have the best!