Ways You May be Cheating on Your Spouse Without Realizing It!

Tikay July 19, 2017 No Comments

Ways You May be Cheating on Your Spouse Without Realizing It!

Cheating, most of the time, is defined by a partner looking elsewhere for sexual gratification other than in their marriage. But the truth is, you have probably been unfaithful and it was not sexual. Being unfaithful to your partner is much more than just straying away sexually. Many people think that sexual cheating is the ultimate betrayal, yet it is important to accept the fact that before sexual cheating is accomplished, there are a number of other mini betrayals that occur. Let’s be real, a spouse will not just go from being loving and romantic and overnight become a cheat. There is usually a series of mini betrayals, things that occur in your marriage that crack the relationship’s foundation. It’s these less obvious betrayals that actually do the most damage. Sexual cheating is a symptom of a relationship already on the rocks. The person who was cheated on will say it’s all the cheater’s fault, but it is usually indicative of deeper issues. Cheating isn’t ever justified but it doesn’t happen in a vacuum. 

Emotional Cheating 

In this type of cheating situation, One spouse is starving of emotional affection, and may have given up on receiving any from their spouse. In certain cases the spouse may be depressed or going through some emotional trouble that they do not feel comfortable sharing with their spouse. Then someone they know, a co-worker for instance pays attention to them, laughs at their jokes, and provides a listening ear to their heartfelt talk. This begins to build a connection between them. The spouse in this case may justify this emotional cheating situation, because it does not involve any sexual betrayal. To them, it is the lesser of both evils. They can stay in their marriage and still have the emotional fulfillment they are looking for. But the truth is, if you know your spouse will be uneasy if they knew the nature of your relationship with this friend, then you are cheating. Period.

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