Gerald and Carine – A celebration of Love & Life

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Gerald and Carine – A celebration of Love & Life

Love is sweet! Very Sweet! If you doubt it, come and ask these two. They will testify. Carine and Gerald are the embodiment of love,  commitment and hard-work. They make you realize it’s not about falling in love, but most importantly, it’s about staying in love and working hard at making each other happy.

Like Gerald put it here “She’s been my helper as defined by the scriptures.” And Ladies, the best part is when you find a man who not only sees you as a helper but also treasures and loves you like no other man ever could. Carine is obviously among blessed women as per her own words “…Ever since we’ve been living together, God has been faithful to us as a family. I want to use this opportunity to thank God for giving me such a wonderful and loving man…” 

The best part of their story is the beginning. I know many cameroonian women are fans of romantic telenovela stories and all the philippino love stories that are all over T.V these days. Well, their story seems like it’s out of a romantic novel. Carine is a beautiful, intelligent, smart young lady who is leading her squad and she has a cousin. This cousin of hers is the best friend of this handsome, young, influential guy on school campus. Then this handsome guy ( Gerald of course), notices the beauty of his best friend’s cousin and doesn’t go unaffected. He gets protective over her and her affairs and play a better role at being big brother, better than the actual cousin himself who is suppose to play role ooohhh.

Hmmmmm this love issue is like this, when it starts it’s never direct. It’s always big brother, or best freind, or far off admirer lol. Anyway that is what I have noticed. Anyway let me continue….

So… After playing big brother for a good while, he finally found himself in the perfect position to be a Hero protector. On a particular 20th may celebration, Carine was in distress from certain attackers, and Gerald was present to save her. I dunno about you but to me, God was in this from the beginning. He choose to put Gerald where he had to be to save the woman who was to become the love of his life. And in that moment, both of them did not even know what the future had for them. If you watch those romance movies ( cuz I Looooooooove them) you would know that, this part is probably the most romantic part of all. Which damsel won’t fall in love with a Hero who saved her from distress?

Anyway, as the story continues, we know they fell in love, decided to remove all that brother and sister mask that they had put in their relationship and gave each other the right title – Bae.  I mean,who falls in love with their “brother” anyway… hahahhaha…

With such deep love and appreciation for each other, They now celebrate their love and life together with friends and family members in Cameroon on the 29th of December in Buea, in the most Royal ceremony at Chariot hotel.

Tikay’s Bridal Team is very honored to have been chosen to plan and make this Day the most memorable day of their lives.

Find the details of their Love Story and celebration plans on their wedding website


Gerald and Carine

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