6 Key Habits of Truly Happy Couples

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6 Key Habits of Truly Happy Couples

Love is a beautiful thing. Being in love is even more beautiful. This feeling of loving and being loved makes us feel happy. What is perculiar about this kind of hapiness is that you are not happy alone. You are happy with someone, someone special to you. This kind of hapiness is unselfish.  Being happy as couple becomes a life-style once both people involved make each other’s hapiness a priority. Here are 6 key habits of truly happy couples.

They touch as often as possible

Touch is a key factor in expressing love for each other. Couples who love each other will easily spend time holding hands, putting arms around each other, and smuging each other. In Cameroon, it is very uncommon to see older couples hold each other’s hands on the streets or even show romance in their own home. One will think they only do that behind the closed doors of their rooms. This is partly because of traditions, that seems to discourage public display of emotion. This is slowly changing with the new generation that is learning to be more affectionate towards their partner. Touch each other as much you and your partner enjoy to. We are not saying you should explicit in public, lol. A little holding here and there should do it.

They Say “I Love You” at least 3 times a day

Well, Saying “I love you” has no limit. Happy couples say it as many times as possible to each other. When you Love your spouse, saying i love you is the most natural thing to say every now and then to your partner. 

They Love to Spend Time Together.

When in love, hours feel like minutes when you spend time with someone you love. You look forward to every precious minute you have to spare for each other. Your spouse becomes your BFF. 

They Discuss each other’s Day

Discussing each other’s day is a loving way of sharing your stress with the one you love, and also showing interest in their own daily struggles. 

They Avoid Public citicism of their partner

Avoid criticising your partner  before anyone, even your children. If you must criticize, do so with tact and in private. Love for you partner should push you respect their inner pride.

When far apart, They communicate constantly by all means

When apart, they don’t leave any means of communication unturned: Phone calls, Whatsapp, Skype,… etc you name it. With all the technology available today, they refuse to let the distance tear them apart.

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