05 milestones That make you love each other more!

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05 milestones That make you love each other more!

When a relationship starts, both individuals involved hope for the best. The beginning of the relationship is often filled with a lot of hopes and dreams of perfection. We often fill like the other person is just perfect, we will live a perfect relationship, with no (or at least, almost none) problems.  Well below, i gathered 05 milestones that you should not be scared of. They will build your relationship, not break it.

The First time you realise your partner is imperfect

At the start of the relationship you are “in love” with your partner. During that period, almost everything about them is perfect. They way they smile, they way they look at you, they way they walk, infact everything. Then one day, we notice this weird thing, we don’t like. They way he digged his nose infront of everyone at a gathering, or the way he critized this idea you came up with. Before, that critic meant love, now you see it differently. The moment you realize the humane nature of your significant other and decide to deal with it, the bond between you two gets stronger.

The first time you survive a major life crisis together.

You know you are meant for each other when your partner sticks at your side during life’s hardest moments. It is in the chaos that you know how special that person is for being there for you, and vice-versa.

When you accept that in a relationship, roles are not always fixe.

Today he is financially comfortable and has the goodwill to take care of your needs. That may not always be the case. In certain instances, he may need your financial assistance too. The day you become aware that you need to be dynamique enough to fill every role needed when need be, you will realize just how important you are to each other and how much your love has grown.

when you genuinely apologize for your mistakes

We are imperfect and are bound to hurt each other  from to time. Being able to genuinely recognize our mistakes and then  apologize for them is a huge stepping stone in a relationship. 

When you accomplish a huge project together.

Remember how it was in college? Studying hard for a national exam together and crossing fingers that you both pass. Remember the joy it felt to know that you both worked at it, and both had positive results? Working out projects together is a great way to get close in a relationship. Acheiving success/failure together makes your relationship even stronger. The focus is to share the emotional moments together.

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