Betrayals (that aren’t infidelity) that ruin relationships

Tikay July 20, 2017 1 Comment

Betrayals (that aren’t infidelity) that ruin relationships

Infidelity is identified by many couple’s as being the main cause for separation, yet there are other very important actions that ruin relationships.  When you get into a relationship, it is important to be faithful in the small things because it is in them that your strength lies. 

Here we identify the 03 Betrayals that may ruin your relationship if you don’t change

Acting Like Your are single

Why be in a relationship and behave like you are Single. That means you are acting selfish. You enjoy the affection of your partner, the intimacy, but you not willing to give back.  When in a relationship, you are not acting just for yourself and how you feel or what you alone think is right or wrong. You must take accountability of the other person’s feelings. You must be honest with that person and with yourself. You want to be single? Then remain single. If you want to commit to a loving relationship then take accountability for actions, and act like someone in a relationship.

Being overly Critical of your partner

It is normal to have standards. But at times we push our partner too hard to meet up to standards that are usually impractical. In an ideal world we would have a partner that shares all our likes and dislikes. Unfortunately, in this imperfect world it is almost impossible. we should learn to compromise on these ideals if we want a successful relationship. The differences you both have can be embraced by both of you to give a successful relationship. Avoid criticizing you partner. If you must, criticize positively.

Financial Betrayal

When you and your partner are set on being in a serious relationship and love and trust are at the top, financial betrayal can be very painful. Money Issues are a huge challenge in relationships. Once you have decide to share your life with someone, you can’t afford to go around spending money as if you are single. You have a responsibility to support each other financially, as well, manage finances with your partner’s opinion in mind.

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